I co-host a podcast about food and language called “If You’ll Indulge Me” with Aseem Shukla. From the pseudo-Italian of the Olive Garden menu to the history of the word “curry,” each episode examines an amusing topic that shows how the language we use to discuss food determines the meaning we find in it.

  • Episode 1: The Olive Garden
  • Episode 2: Breakfast
  • Episode 3: Quiz: Do You Know Your Scottish Foods?
  • Episode 4: Curry



I organize a number of cultural events in the Bay Area to bring together creators of all stripes.

“The Intellectual Semi-Circle” is a discussion group I co-founded to foster conversation and community across tech and humanities. We gather insightful people of many backgrounds for quarterly meetings exploring one idea from multiple perspectives.

I curate the “Rising Writers” reading series at the Mechanic’s Institute. The series pairs emerging Bay Area authors in conversations about the cultural issues that matter to them. Upcoming speakers include Ingrid Rojas Contreras, Daniel Gumbiner, Namwali Serpell, and Lydia Kiesling.



A project where I’ll be interviewing top gastronomic writers on the future of food criticism. Coming Spring 2019.



I helped my brother Mike start a film non-profit called “Blank Verse Films” that adapts poetry into short videos.